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A yoga teacher in a gentle beginner pose stretching arms out in front while cross legged on a mat

Home Base

For those seeking a beginner class or a gentler approach, this class is sure to hit home. With welcoming and accessible teachers, this slower-paced class is designed to help students get comfortable with yoga poses and terminology, as well as gain a better understanding of alignment and foundational principles of yoga philosophy. 

House Blend

In the same way that a fresh cup of your favorite brew awakens the senses, this all-levels vinyasa (flow) class is sure to invigorate mind, body, and soul. Each teacher brings their own flavor, based on years of personal passion and diverse educational backgrounds, making the class dynamic and different every time. House Blend is sure to satisfy your craving for mindful movement.

Note on our schedule “+” indicates a more active and energizing pace, and ” * ” indicates classes may include options/instructions for arm balances and inversions. 

A yoga student practices stretching their arm over their outstretched leg

Home Stretch

This slower, highly adaptable class focuses on increasing flexibility and functional movement.  A great option for those looking for a beginner or more foundational experience at a moderate pace. We have an instructor that has experience as a Doula, making their classes prenatal-friendly, and classes in the early evening that are more convenient for teachers and essential workers. Find the class that’s best for you and come and unwind! 
A yoga instructor bents over, arms outstretched in a pilates pose


Join us for this beginner friendly class that fuses traditional Pilates mat exercises with fascial stretches, joint mobilization and exploratory movement. Open to all levels and bodies!
A yoga teacher poses with an arched back, reaching their arm behind them

Light House

Part House Blend, part Home Stretch, this class is sure to be a beacon of hope on any day. The class begins by warming the body with an all-levels vinyasa flow, followed by 20 minutes of blissfully restful poses to settle the soul. You’ll leave feeling more attuned to the light within. 

A yoga student in a gentle seated pose in yoga class


A gentle style of hatha yoga, this highly adaptable, accessible class for all bodies has a slow pace, softer asana, and includes ample time for relaxation.

A yoga practitioner lays with head and knees on bolsters to prepare for the day

Morning Express

This energizing class synchronizes breath with active vinyasa flow, designed to strengthen your body, calm your mind, and set your day off on the right foot.

A yoga teacher in an inverted handstand pose

Raise the Roof

This moderate-to-fast flow class explores some of the more “challenging” asanas, such as arm balances and inversions. While it’s an advanced class, there is room for students of all experience levels to explore heart-above-head, on-your-hands fun! You’ll soar to new heights! 

Two senior adults practice yoga stretches in chairs in class

House Hold

Designed to be highly accessible and adaptable for all bodies and also well suited for seniors, this class uses chairs and props to assist each student in gaining strength and flexibility. 

A student in a deep lunge with back arched yoga pose

House Party

All are invited to this fast-paced flow class designed to lift the spirit! Let the music move you — the class is wall-to-wall good vibes and fun times.

A QiGong instructor stands in a pose in the middle of the yoga house studio, plants hang on the wall in the background


Qigong is a form of self-healing, a branch of Chinese Medicine. This moving meditation combines flowing, graceful movement, attention to breath and an emphasis on quieting the mind. It improves mental & physical health with gentle activity and relaxes & re-energizes without strain. No special equipment, clothing or preparation/cool down is necessary. Excellent for all ages and abilities!

A yoga practitioner in a seated pose in a studio with teal curtains and a shelf with yoga supplies

Rise + Shine

Start your day with a bit of quiet and ease! Class begins with a 15-minute meditation, and then moves into gentle stretches and easy flows aimed to open the body and calm the mind – the perfect, peaceful start to the day! No prior experience necessary.

A yoga student in downward dog with a baby under their belly and another kid leaning on their legs


A fun, playful, and explorative way for families to practice together! Using yoga-based games and imaginative play, elements of mindful movement and adaptive meditation are woven into adult/child togetherness time on the mat. 
Class is open to children ages 4-12 and must be accompanied by an adult, (up to 3 kids per adult). Adults must be able to provide supervision for those in their care. 
A yoga teacher in a side plank, with arms stretched into a t shape


Join our community — a donations-based class suited for all levels, overflowing with camaraderie and connection. A portion of the proceeds from every class are given to a variety of local organizations that support women, LGBTQ+ groups, and social justice. You’ll be inspired — and literally moved to action.

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