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The Yoga House, Yoga, Kingston, NY, Leigha ButlerLeigha Butler, E-RYT 200

The Yoga House Co-Owner

Leigha teaches playful but challenging classes. She takes joy in bringing students out of the realm of fear and into the realm of adventure, often turning things upside down and inviting practitioners out of their comfort zones. Her classes are fun, but they are grounded in an emphasis on subtler alignment points and in her belief that no single posture really matters more than another.Leigha Butler, The YOGA House in Kingston, NY Within each asana, she finds a metaphorical insight for living an open, meaningful life of conscious presence.

She believes in asana as a celebratory art and in yoga as a means to liberation. Her classes are rhythmic, flowing and promise to challenge each student’s limits. She encourages students to modify, adjust or deepen postures to make the practice suit their unique needs.

Leigha has written about yoga, healing and wellness for Livestrong.com, Elephant Journal and local publications.




The Yoga House, Yoga, Kingston, NY, Jacqui NashJacqui Nash, E-RYT 200

The Yoga House Co-Owner

Jacqui Nash began her work of service in non-profits before switching gears in 2009 to become a yoga instructor. She is now an E-RYT 200, with experience teaching a wide range of students and levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners and from prenatal to postnatal women. As the co-founder of The Yoga House in Uptown Kingston and the summer teacher at the Mohonk Preserve, Jacqui draws on the life experiences, the lessons from her teachers, and the yoga texts as she guides students to move in harmony with their breath and to discover the obstacles and opportunities that are waiting to be met on and off the mat. Every time she stands before a class is a chance to assist her students in their journey for self-discovery, peace and balance. YOGA House in Kingston, NY

Having sustained multiple injuries and surgeries, Jacqui understands how humbling the asana practice can be but also how important yoga and the teachings are during these times of healing. Jacqui encourages students to be sensitive to the needs of their minds and bodies, allowing the practice to help reinstate mental and physical balance and recovery.

Jacqui’s recent venture is starting a blog, The Babbling Lotus, where she shares her thoughts on how yoga influences all aspects of her life, including parenting, teaching, cooking, relationships, and more.



 Julie Coltonjulie colton, the yoga house, kingston, nyJulie Colton, The Yoga House, Kingston, NY

Julie Colton is a mystic and a healer who practices yoga to feel connected with the universe around her. She finds that being a musician and Reiki Master helps her to help others on an energetic level while teaching yoga; this is aligned with her main intention when teaching which is to have people feel better after her Vinyasa Flow-based classes than when they began. She considers herself to be very blessed to have studied under Michael Stein of Ashtanga of New Paltz whose main focus was anatomy of the human body as well as alignment and Dana Trixie Flynn of Laughing Lotus NYC who brings creativity and lila (play) not only into the sequencing of yoga asanas but also into the teaching of yoga. Julie feels she has finally found a home in Kingston, NY, where she is able to connect in a personal way to the community of people who come to The Yoga House. She is also very grateful to The Yoga House for letting her share with the Kingston community the creative and progressive evolution of yoga through music and the arts.

Julie is currently a graduate student at SUNY New Paltz and is studying to receive her M.A.T. so she can later teach mathematics and biology to high school students. She received her 200 hour teacher training at Ashtanga of New Paltz and her 500 hour teacher training at Laughing Lotus NYC. In her spare time she studies astrology and composes music.


CaraCara Costello family  Costello

Cara Costello (RYT 200) specializes in hatha and prenatal yoga practice.  Before life brought her to Red Hook in 2013, she taught yoga and ESL in Pittsburgh while completing her yoga teacher training with Joanne Vandenhengel at 3rd Street Yoga.  In addition to experiencing prenatal yoga first hand during the pregnancies of her two children, she also trained with prenatal instruCara Costello headctors Mary Beth Kelly and Deena Blumenfeld.

A teacher by trade with over 10 years of ESL teaching experience, Cara brings to the mat a love of teaching combined with a passion for yoga.  Cara has taught yoga to students aged 3 to 93, and she strongly believes that everyone has something to gain from this timeless craft.  Each person’s journey with yoga is unique and she encourages students to find and celebrate their own practice.




Sally Delmerico

Sally teaches Restorative Yoga at numerous yoga studios throughout the Hudson Valley. A certified teacher, she has continued her training at Kripalu Center for Wellness and Health in Massachusetts. Sally is also a certified Les Mills instructor in Body Flow incorporating yoga, tai chi, and Pilates. She holds a brown belt in Aikido and has been a student of the martial art for 10 years.

Her Restorative Yoga classes provide a peaceful atmosphere  to allow the body, mind, and spirit to rejuvenate itself. Props (blankets and blocks) are used in such a way as to prevent stress on the body. The mind finds space through the breath to be open to new ideas and patterns. Balancing the body and mind through the breath allows the nervous system to relax and the immune system to function better. When you leave a class you will feel at ease physically and emotionally.



Michael Gould, TheMichael Gould, The Yoga House, Kingston, NYMichael Gould

has been practicing yoga since 1999, when he tried it to reduce stress from his job. His love of the physical practice soon grew to include a love of the more spiritual and philosophical aspects, incorporating all of it into his daily life. He has studied all kinds of yoga styles, especially Anusara yoga, having completed the three Anusara immersions. He completed his teacher training with Michael Stein at the Ashtanga yoga studio in New Paltz, finding his voice Michael Gould, The Yoga House, Kingston, NYas a yoga teacher by combining his natural attraction to playfulness, open heart, alignment-oriented sequences of poses, while building strength and flexibility, and encouraging self-discovery. He aspires to guide students to come to the same joy and fulfillment that he has found.

His “Yin Yang Yoga” class grew from his learning of the yin yoga principles as taught by Paul Grilley, making it a part of his own practice. He incorporated the ideas of Sarah Powers’ “Insight Yoga” practice into his teaching, which combines the yin yoga practice in the beginning of the class, progressing to the yang practice for the majority of the time. The yin yoga practice focuses on accessing the connective tissue in the joints, the bones, the cartilage, and ligaments, while the muscles are still cold, and doing it safely and therapeutically. This creates more space in the joints and freedom of movement, preparing the body for the very active, more muscular, faster-paced yang portion of the class. The inevitable results are a fit body, calm mind, and the connecting of the practice on the mat to our lives off the mat.


Kassandra Pemberton

Kassandra PembertonKassandra is a yoga teacher and gifted body worker. Although she owns Ananda Yoga in her home country of Trinidad and has a few teaching certifications under her belt, she is training under Leigha and Jacqui in order to acquire her Yoga Alliance-stamped, 200-hour Yoga Teacher registration. She has traveled several times to India and Thailand to study the ancient techniques of Thai bodywork and a south Indian style of massage. From her studies in Thailand, she makes use of joint manipulation and passive, assisted yoga techniques. From her studies in South India, she uses long strokes and varying pressure, seeking to eliminate bodily tension by rooting out its source. Over the last nine years her technique has gelled into a combination of these two styles, which work together to heal the body as a holistic system. Kassandra’s massages are given on a table, but don’t be surprised when she jumps up on the table to stretch and twist you. Her hallmark is a skilled and deep treatment of your neck, shoulders and scalp, but you’ll have to experience it yourself to understand just how renewed you can feel. Her sessions are 90 minutes long, 80 USD. Get in touch with her on Facebook, or email us at info@theyogahouseny.com or call us at (845) 706-YOGA to schedule an appointment.


From the moment Kassandra began, it was apparent that there was skill in her fingertips. She could identify sources of pain before she even placed a hand on me, and then when she did, she would apply pressure from one end of the muscle to the other, beginning slowly and then deepening as appropriate. She views the body as a whole unit and doesn’t see the point in working out a single knot if its origin is somewhere else in the body. She left no muscle unloved, no joint unmanipulated. I left the table in a bit of a daze and felt a little sore the next day, but I was surprised to feel a new sense of openness and flexibility. It was as though my muscles were longer and, honestly, they probably were. She found sources of tension I didn’t even realize were there, and I completely understand now that healing touch is a necessary part of a health and wellness routine. ~Leigha


Amy Reed, The Yoga House, Teacher, Yoga, Kingston, NYAmy Reed

As an initial non-believer in the hype, Amy practiced yoga for several years with what bordered on suspicion, thinking it only served to stretch muscles after “real” exercise.  But, after a series of injuries in other athletic ventures, Amy stumbled, literally and head first, into a deep and fully engaged practice, finding healing, balance and utter bliss along the way. With this unconventional perspective, she encourages her students to openly and joyfully be themselves and to approach their individual practices with a light-hearted and self-accepting point of view. In her classes, Amy seeks to promote in her students boundless confidence, thoughtful self-reflection and the ability to love themselves into laughter.



Mel Tothmel toth, the yoga house, kingston, ny

Mel’s yoga journey began in her living room over 13 years ago. An educator since 1998, Mel has taught 4th grade, co-authored a strategy book for teachers and served as a tutor and Director of Education for several NY learning centers. From her extensive background in education, Mel brings a solid understanding of how each student interprets information differently and may apply those misinterpretations to his or her body. As such, she strives to make her instruction clear and accessible for students of all levels of experience. Mel’s classes focus on the mel toth, yoga, kingston, nydevelopment of a solid foundation through the use of props, demonstration, description, and encouragement, while exploring basic principles of alignment, balance and relaxation. By encouraging her students to respect their physical limitations while exploring what is possible, Mel aims to help each individual learn how to serve the unique needs of their body. She is forever grateful to her first yoga teacher, Jill Gnassi, whose expert Iyengar instruction taught her how attending to small details could make a huge difference in her life, both on and off her mat.




Ashley TownsendAshley Townsend, The Yoga House, Kingston, NY, yoga instructor

The first time Ashley practiced yoga something awakened deep inside of her. She knew yoga would always be a guiding force in her life. Ashley’s classes are inspired by a flowing Ashtanga style, with a focus on breath, alignment, and mindfulness. Offering hands-on adjustments and a consideration of each student’s needs, she provides a safe and inviting space that allows for a deep exploration of mind, body, and spirit. When not teaching yoga, Ashley is studying to become a nurse, hiking, gardening, crafting, and spending time with loved ones.