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Anusara – This nurturing system of yoga combines modalities of Hatha yoga, pranayama, biomechanical principles of alignment, meditation, mantras, and tantric philosophy. Expect a slow flow of postures and heart themes to inspire your movement into greater wholeness. Anusara teachers specialize in applying yoga postures therapeutically to heal emotional and stress-related injuries in students. This is a great class to improve balance and coordination, increase vitality, and manage stress.

Beginner** – New to yoga or just want to take a refresher? The beginner Vinyasa class is a gentler class intended for those who want to learn the fundamentals of a Vinyasa practice or to remember the basics of postures and alignment. The instructor will offer hands-on adjustments and posture modifications to accommodate new or tighter bodies. Feel free to use blocks and straps, available free of charge. Your instructor is happy to answer your questions.

Chair Yoga* - Chair Yoga is designed for anyone who would like to practice at a conscientious pace with the assistance of a chair. It is especially suited to: seniors; those recovering from injury; those who suffer from arthritis or other ailments that prevent full range of motion; those who are very tight; and those who are overweight. Students have reported feeler better, lighter, and younger after beginning a weekly chair regimen. Don’t let bodily limitations prevent you from enjoying the physical and emotional benefits of a yoga practice.

Community** – Open to all levels, we ask for a donation of $5 or more for this fun, inviting class designed to make yoga accessible to anyone who’s curious! Suitable for new practitioners and anyone else. All proceeds benefit Family of Woodstock’s Family Inn of Kingston, a program that provides shelter and a variety of services for the children of Ulster County area families in need.

Core Vinyasa – Forget crunches!! Foundational to all else in yoga, core strength makes not just poses but daily life feel easier. With its emphasis on core work, this class aims to strengthen and tone your abdominals, obliques, spine, pelvic floor and shoulder girdle. The class begins with an abdominal workout, then builds to some challenging, core-oriented postures, and finally finishes with melting postures to ease the muscles we’ve just targeted. You’ll find you’ll stand taller, feel stronger, and radiate with confidence. See you there!

Flow & Go* – Blending physical movement, spiritual components, and music, this class offers a dance-like flow of Vinyasa Yoga that will both relax and challenge you. It’s the perfect way to help you get prepared for your Saturday night, whether you’re planning to stay in or head out.

House Flow – This is our classic, open-level Vinyasa Flow class. In it, we honor the infinite possibility inherent in each breath as we move through an asana practice that is equal parts challenging and sweet. Asana practice becomes a transformational and healing experience when it is intimately tied to breath-work. Although the class is physically rigorous, we offer modifications to accommodate your level of experience.

Mommy & Me* – Need some time on the mat but don’t have someone to watch baby? Bring baby along to this Mommy & Me class, designed for Mom to reconnect with her mind, body and breath through a flowing yoga practice. Bring a blanket and a favorite toy to occupy Baby while Mommy strikes an “asana.” It’s up to Mom if she’d like to incorporate Baby into her practice, and anything goes in this class, so take a break to nurse, change or cuddle Baby if the moment presents itself. Taught by new mom Jacqui with her daughter, Sienna, as her sidekick.

Prenatal Yoga* - It’s no secret that prenatal yoga can be one of the best forms of exercise for mamas-to-be. Join new mom Jacqui Nash every Monday for a prenatal yoga class open to all levels. Through the class, we’ll explore very gentle prenatal poses for women new to yoga and we will even touch on some sequences for more experienced practitioners. Each class will end with restorative postures, meditation and final relaxation.

Restorative Yoga* – This class provides a peaceful atmosphere to allow the body, mind, and spirit to rejuvenate itself. Props (blankets and blocks) are used to prevent stress on the body. The mind finds space through the breath to be open to new ideas and patterns. Balancing the body and mind through the breath allows the nervous system to relax and the immune system to function better. When you leave a class you will feel at ease physically and emotionally.

Warm Vinyasa – This is an open-level class with a catch: climate control set to about 85 degrees. We’re not aiming for crazy-hot, just good and warm–enough to ramp up your metabolic fire and make you feel extra long and flexible. When the room is heated, stiff muscles and joints melt open easily, twists are deeper, and the sweat pours more freely. Loyal attendees report, you leave with a natural high.

Please try to arrive 10 minutes before the class start time.
Most classes are 90 minutes.
* 60 minute class
** 75 minute class


  • $13 Drop-In
  • Chair Yoga & Happy Hour $10 Drop-In
  • $55 5-Class Card
  • $100 10-Class Card ($90 student)
  • $90 Unlimited Monthly Card
  • $255 3-Month Unlimited Card
  • $500 6-Month Unlimited Card
  • $5+ Donation for Community, proceeds go to Woodstock Family Inn
  • $60 Individual and Small-Group Sessions
  • NEW: Subscription pricing! See drop-down box below.

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