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Jump into divine play with us!

Take our signature House Flow class or choose from many other offerings.

the yoga house, kingston, ny, house flow, open level vinyasaHouse Flow 

60-90 minutes (see schedule for class lengths)

This is our classic, open-level Vinyasa Flow class. In it, we honor the infinite possibility inherent in each breath as we move through an asana practice that is equal parts challenging and sweet. Asana practice becomes a transformational and healing experience when it is intimately tied to meditative awareness and breath. Although the class is physically rigorous, we offer modifications to accommodate your level of experience.

Beginners Yogabeginner class, jacqui nash, yoga, kingston, ny

75 minutes

New to yoga or just want to take a refresher? The beginner Vinyasa class is a slower-paced class intended for those who want to learn the fundamentals of a Vinyasa practice or to remember the basics of postures and alignment. The instructor will offer hands-on adjustments and posture modifications to accommodate new or tighter bodies. Feel free to use blocks and straps, available free of charge. Your instructor is happy to answer your questions.

the yoga house, kingston, ny, communityCommunity Yoga

75 minutes

Open to all levels, we ask for a donation of $5 or more for this fun, inviting class designed to make yoga accessible to anyone who’s curious! Suitable for new practitioners and anyone else.

the yoga house, kingston, ny, restorativeCore Vinyasa

90 minutes

As the foundation to all else in yoga asanas, core strength makes not just poses but daily life feel easier. With flowing Vinyasa sequences, this class incorporates core-strengthening transitions and postures that target your abdominals, obliques, spine, pelvic floor and shoulder girdle.  And, as important as strengthening the core muscles, we’ll also practice melty postures to ease those same muscles groups. You’ll find you’ll stand taller, feel stronger, and exude confidence.  The class is fun and challenging, but we encourage you to take a pace that suits your body’s needs.

Flow & Restore

90 minutes

This evening class balances the the activity of our signature open-level House Flow in the first 60 minutes of class with the stillness and releasing of restorative and yin postures in the last 30 minutes of class. Feel like you’ve had the complete yoga experience and end your day with this perfect combination.

the yoga house, kingston, ny, arm balanceFlying Flow

90 minutes

A challenging Vinyasa Flow class that incorporates inversions and arm balances throughout. Expect a strong flow, some wall work, and partner play.  We set an intention each week derived from yogic philosophy. All who are willing are welcome: If you love attempting arm balances and handstands, even if you can’t yet execute them (!!), you should absolutely try this class.

the yoga house, kingston, ny, mel toth, gentleGentle Yoga

60 minutes

Gentle Yoga is designed for anyone who would like to practice at a careful, soothing, conscientious pace. It is especially suited to: seniors; those recovering from injury; those who suffer from arthritis or other ailments that prevent full range of motion; those who are very tight; and those who are overweight. Students have reported feeler better, lighter, and younger after beginning a weekly gentle yoga regimen. Don’t let bodily limitations prevent you from enjoying the physical and emotional benefits of a yoga practice.

the yoga house, kingston, ny, ashtangaAshtanga, Led Primary Series

90 minutes

This class is dedicated to the sacred practice of Ashtanga Yoga. It is a led Ashtanga class where we will do the Primary Series, or Yoga Chikitsa, at each class. This is an active practice and it’s best to have some yoga experience. Read more about this style of yoga here. We also host a regular Ashtanga Mysore Foundations Course for those who would like more info before experiencing the practice.

Mysore Ashtanga

90 minutes

This class honors the Ashtanga Yoga tradition as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. Arrive together and join in the opening chant together, but the practice in the Mysore setting is led by your own individual rhythm while under the supervision of the instructor in the room. Practice the Asthanga sequence at your own pace, and receive individual hands-on assists and verbal guidance  when needed to help you dive deeper into your own personal practice but still feel the energy of practicing in a group setting. If you’re new to the Mysore practice, we recommend our monthly Mysore Foundations Course.

LGBTQ+Ally Community Yoga

60 minutes

Are you LGBTQ and seeking a comfortable environment to learn the basics of yoga? We’re excited to offer this open, beginners class in collaboration with the Hudson Valley LGBTQ Community Center. Hosted in our wheelchair-accessible Uptown studio location and open to LGBTQ community members and allies; $5 suggested donation. Join us as we learn the fundamentals of a yoga practice in a supportive and affirming environment.

qigong, meditation, qi, energy, moving energyQiGong

60 minutes

QiGong is the cultivation (gong) of the vital, universal force within and around us (qi.) Many people are familiar with Tai Chi- a standing form of QiGong. QiGong often involves making slow movements, being still, stimulating and stretching parts of yourself- all with relaxed attention. Standing, sitting, or laying down, in this class we will learn from the Ling Gui International Healing QiGong School and Turtle Longevity QiGong. For thousands of years we have used QiGong to improve circulation, increase self-awareness, and cultivate self-acceptance.

hh-tyh2016_0159Restorative Yoga

75 minutes

This class provides a peaceful atmosphere to allow the body, mind, and spirit to rejuvenate itself. Props (blankets and blocks) are used to prevent stress on the body. The mind finds space through the breath to be open to new ideas and patterns. Balancing the body and mind through the breath allows the nervous system to relax and the immune system to function better. When you leave a class you will feel at ease physically and emotionally.

Slow Flow Yoga Scott Johnson The Yoga House Yoga Kingston, NY Hudson ValleySlow Flow

75 minutes

This Vinyasa Flow class honors the spirit of unwinding by taking it slow and deep. We move at a sweet and mindful pace, building a slow-burning heat that prepares the body for opening and lengthening. Toward the end of class, we hold a few restorative poses in order to experience relaxation, creating a transformative effect on body and spirit. Leave feeling lighter, more joyous, and centered.

Soul Power Flow

90 minutes

This soulful and invigorating class is designed to help you find your inner power and strength through continuous movement and dynamic flow. We’ll build a crescendo with familiar postures and methods to gradually open the body and to reach our pinnacle and challenging pose or sequence where we’ll take time to explore our own true potential. Prepare to break a sweat but also to find those sweet moments to reconnect with your mind and body. This class is best for those with some yoga experience.

the yoga house, kingston, ny, yin yogaYin Yoga

75-90 minutes

Any complete yoga practice is comprised of both yin and yang elements. On the one hand, we want to strengthen and lengthen at the muscular level. This is the yang side of our practice. On the other hand, we want to gain access to deep connective tissue — our ligaments, tendons, and fascia — in order to open up channels for the free flow of life force, or prana. This is the yin side of our practice, and its meditative quality fosters the development of patience, ease, and calm. In this class, we hold seated and supine poses for about five minutes each. During this time, the teacher will offer alignment instructions and refinement cues, followed by a brief reading or poem, and then we will spend about two minutes in sweet silence during which time each practitioner is encouraged to find his or her own comfort on the mat. Suitable for all levels including very beginner.

Yoga Suave en Español

60 minutes

La clase suave de yoga ayuda con la eliminación del estrés y permite personas relajar en un lugar seguro. Esta clase intenta ofrecer relajación completa con posturas restaurativas y movimientos suaves. Con respecto a las necesidades del cuerpo, la clase permite que uno puede soltar tensiones y practicar cuidado personal.

This gentle yoga class helps to eliminate stress and allows people to relax in a safe place. The class is intended to offer complete relaxation with restorative postures and gentle movements. With regard to the body’s needs, the class allows one to release tensions and to practice self-care.

Y12SR: Yoga of 12 Step Recovery

90 minutes

Y12SR is an innovative addiction relapse prevention program that integrates the wisdom of yoga and the practical tools of 12-Step recovery programs. Guided by its theme “The Issues Live In the Tissues,” Y12SR is a meeting and a yoga practice. The time together will include a 12-Step-like sharing circle, and a yoga asana (movement), pranayama (breathwork) and meditation session. The yoga asana practice offered is designed to be accessible to all bodies and levels of yoga experience.

Y12SR is open to all persons who suffer with addiction as well as to those who love them. This is an open and inclusive group. EVERYONE is welcome. You do not have to be a member of a 12-step group to attend. It is offered as an adjunct — not a replacement — to regular addiction recovery work. The principles of safety and anonymity are upheld by Y12SR.

What is Y12SR? Read about the organization here.

Please try to arrive 10 minutes before the class start time.

Monthly Offerings

Amma Satsang: On hiatus. Check back for future dates.


An open chanting and meditation group in the tradition of Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi. Through chanting the 108 Names of the Divine Mother in Sanskrit we practice Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion. Chanting also clears the mind for meditation. Whether you come and listen to our musicians or join us in chanting, please come to experience this ancient practice. Satsang means, “in the company of truth.” As we clear our minds and open our hearts, we can dwell in our essence.

Roll and Recovery: 1st Fridays, 5:30-6:30pm

with Dee Pitcock


Roll and Recovery teaches self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques, using a variety of grippy balls, bands, breath work and stretching to help release fascial tension. Manipulation of fascia keeps it supple, well-hydrated and reduces adhesions. SMR has been proven to reduce and eliminate stored tension in muscles, increase circulation, and imporve joint range of motion. also assists in correcting muscle imbalances. Each month will focus on a different area of the body. Want to know more about fascia? See here. $16 drop-in fee.

Aroma RESTorative: 3rd Fridays, 5:30-7:00pm

with Mel Toth

UPTOWN (on hiatus)

the yoga house, kingston, ny, mel toth, gentleAroma RESTorative explores the power of gentle movement, supported poses and Young Living essential oils to help release physical and mental tension. Mel will lead you through postures incorporating props to support the body, offering a different essential oil with each supported pose. Guided breath work and relaxation techniques, as well as diffusing of oils, will be incorporated throughout. A brief description of each oil’s properties and benefits will also be included. Come discover how scent can bypass the conscious mind and bring you to bliss! Suitable for all levels. $20 drop-in fee.