Full Moon Workshops – on monthly Fridays – with Rae Broderick – Next one Nov. 8th, 7-9pm at Midtown

Yoga, Meditation + Moon Magic Fun

from Rae’s company

Root. Yoga + Wellness
in community with IAM 

at The Yoga House’s

Midtown Studio

Monthly Fridays

full moon fridays

The full moon is the most powerful of the lunar phases. It’s an opportune time to turn inward and let go, the intensity and light of the moon illuminating that which no longer serves us.

Join Rae Broderick as she creates a safe and grounded space for you to explore the significance of the full moon and how you can use its wisdom to show up more presently in your life. In addition to gentle yoga and meditation, each workshop will include a ritual specific to harnessing the magic of the moon. Expect, for example, sage, essential oils and some crystals. All are welcome. 


Upcoming Full Moon Fridays:

November 8
December 6

Rae Broderick

is a Yoga Guide, Applied Astrologist, and Holistic Health + Wellness Coach based in Woodstock, NY. Rae‘s yoga journey began seventeen years ago with Rodney Yee VHS tapes and a used yoga mat. Rae has completed over 500 hours of training with Stråla Yoga and has led upwards of one thousand people at Yoga Journal’s Yoga in the Park Series in Bryant Park in New York City among various other events throughout the U.S. and abroad. Rae has been featured in online publications such as Yoga Journal and The Sweat Life. Rae is a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and supports individuals by creating attainable and maintainable health and wellness goals through the exploration and practice of nutrition, mindful movement, meditation, relationships, career happiness, yoga and astrology. Rae‘s classes leave you feeling refreshed, calm and energized. Her clear and encouraging guidance makes people feel safe and supported. She is always interested in the people around her and makes everyone feel welcome and at home. Rae continues her exploration and growth as a yoga guide through daily practice and is very grateful to be a part of The Yoga House community.

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