We offer private instruction in one-on-one and small-group settings and at our studio or in your home taught by either one of the owners of the studio. We also love to host events and parties at the studio or at your chosen location.

Why a private session?

Students work with us one-on-one and in small groups for a variety of reasons.

  • To manage and reduce stress;
  • To accommodate a busy schedule;
  • To focus on a particular part of the body;
  • To work on a specific pose or set of poses;
  • To improve athletic performance or to cross-train;
  • To do yoga in the company of friends or coworkers;
  • To prepare, mentally and physically, for an upcoming life event;
  • To advance a personal yoga practice or develop a home practice;
  • To accommodate special needs or maintain a practice despite injury;
  • To build confidence in preparation for attendance at an open-level class.
Who takes privates sessions?
  • Yoga newbies and people who’ve never done yoga before but who want to try!
  • Yoga veterans looking to brush up on an old practice or take it to the next level.
  • Professional athletes who know that yoga can improve their game and ward off injury.
  • Young folks, old folks, middle-aged and quarter-lifers. In shape, out of shape. In short, it’s for anyone!
A child's birthday party at The Yoga House

A child’s birthday party at The Yoga House

What type of events?

We can work with you on any and all type of events and parties. Contact us for pricing information.

  • Adult birthday gatherings
  • Children’s birthday parties
  • Bachelorette parties
  • Corporate team building events
  • Outreach programs
  • Fundraisers
  • Health expos
Pricing for Private Sessions
Call, email, or register online for a single private session, a series of sessions, or ongoing sessions with either Leigha Butler or Jacquelyn Nash. (845) 706-YOGA;; web registration.
  • Please call or email for event and party pricing information.
Give the Gift of Yoga

Want to kick-start a loved one’s wellness routine? Gift certificates are available by phone, email, in-person, and online (Purchase the sessions online, and then leave us instructions where PayPal prompts you to).

Don’t have PayPal? Doesn’t matter! PayPal accepts all major credit cards.


I want to take a moment to thank Jacqui and Leigha for the wonderful private sessions that I have had this past year.  You have been such patient and caring teachers, helping me to grow and foster my yoga practice. I love that the sessions have been tailored to my ability, with the focus to encourage my individual progress by continually motivating and challenging me.  I cannot thank you enough as it has been a deeply and profound spiritual experience for me.  Jacqui and Leigha, you are the best!


About three months ago, my friend Tom and I discussed our overall physical condition at our somewhat advanced age. A thought came out of this that maybe something to do with stretching and strengthening would be in order. Lucky for us, someone just happened to mention yoga. My son had been practicing yoga for some time and had repeatedly reminded me of its stress-reduction and conditioning benefits. So away we went, Tom & I to start down the path of yoga (?!!). We met both Leigha and Jacqui at The Yoga House and began some one-on-one lessons to be introduced to the practice of yoga. These two ladies of yoga are awesome. They teach in a very relaxed way that not only gets you into the correct postures but that inspires all who attend to reach out just a little further. I would recommend anyone interested in starting out with yoga to take their private sessions to get acquainted with yoga at The Yoga House. I am totally hooked, usually a few days a week and it has truly changed my life. Thanks, Leigha & Jacqui!


Thanks again for teaching our private class. We were at all different levels and your teaching style was really accommodating and made us each feel included and comfortable, and challenged at the same time. Every single one of us said we all had a great time and it inspired some of us who hadn’t much exposure to yoga to continue practicing. Thanks for going the extra mile.