Radiant Child Yoga – 20-hr Teacher Training – This November 8-10

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Radiant Child Yoga® has been introducing children to yoga for over 40 years.

This November, we partner with Michele Anderson of Radiant Child Yoga® to offer you a 20-hour training. If you have an interest in bringing yoga to children of any age group, even in a non-yoga setting, this course is for you. It will take place over one weekend, with continuing ed credits available for existing teachers. You needn’t be a yoga teacher, however, to take the training.

Nov. 8th, 9th & 10th 


Friday 5-9pm, Uptown

Saturday 11:30am-7:30pm, Midtown

Sunday 12-8pm, Midtown


(includes all materials)

$495 pre-reg until October 25th / $550 after October 25th

Radiant Child Yoga (RCY) 1-2 Program 20-hour training

What students can expect:

This course is appropriate for anyone who works with children, including teachers, speech/language pathologists, social workers, school counselors, therapists, special education teachers, occupational and physical therapists, parents, grandparents, and care takers.

From this course, students will gain knowledge which will assist them in bringing yoga to children.  Students will gain an understanding of Kundalini yoga and how teaching yoga to children is different from adult yoga.  Included in the course:

·      Daily  morning Kundalini yoga and meditation practice

·      Instruction in how to develop and teach classes to children, pre-school through teens using the RCY principals and methods

·      Using kriyas as yoga stories

·      Intro to Brain Gym

·      Yoga Games and songs

·      Partnering exercises

·      School yoga

·      Meditation practices for children

·      Family Yoga

·      Discipline/Class management

·      Yoga for sensory processing

·      Business of yoga

·      In-class presentations delivered by class participants to allow practice time for all learned concepts.  Students receive feedback from the trainer.

·      CEU credits available

Materials included in the course:

RCY Levels 1-2 Manual

“Happy” yoga music CD (download)

“Cozy” yoga music CD (download)

Deeply Relax and Meditate CD (download)

Children’s Yoga Songs and Meditations (download)

Yoga in Motion DVD (download)

Yoga in Motion workbook

Fly Like a Butterfly book by Shakta Khalsa

Kundalini Yoga book by Shakta Khalsa

RCY tote bag

Your Instructor

Michele Anderson is a 200-hour Radiant Child Yoga teacher and certified K-12 special education teacher. She uses Radiant Child Yoga in her own classroom to help students become calm, focused, and self-regulated. Beginning with Morning Movement and Mindfulness has made a big difference in her students’ ability to become more self-aware and able to learn. She felt so strongly about the benefits of Radiant Child Yoga that she decided to share it with the entire school.  In 2018, she began a Yoga Club, which boasted nearly 90 students at its peak. She also teaches the entire student body yoga and mindfulness techniques during monthly assemblies.

Michele is a certified Level 1 Aerial Yoga teacher through Good Karma Yoga Studio, specializing in kids and teens aerial classes.  She attended the Mindfulness in Education training at The Omega Institute for Holistic studies in 2018, and is currently being trained in trauma-sensitive Kundalini yoga through the Guru Ram Das Center. She plans to offer classes to for individuals with chronic health issues in the near future.

In 2019, she completed the Radiant Child Facilitator training and is happy to now offer trainings for others who are interested in sharing the beauty of yoga with children.

Michele teaches yoga classes at both her private studio in Red Hook, NY as well as Rainbow Body Yoga Studio. When not in a studio, you can find her on the athletic field sharing yoga with student athletes and their coaches. She tries not to just teach yoga, but BE the yoga, and is thrilled to share her passion with others.

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Who’s Serving Me? A Workshop with Liz Levine Saturday, July 20th 2-4pm, Midtown – $25

A workshop for people who spend time caring for others.

Calling all moms, dads, teachers, doctors, nurses, personal care aides, kids of aging parents- come learn and practice ways to serve yourself with yoga. As caregivers (people who provide direct care) we can lose track of our relationship with ourselves. Spend time with a group of other caregivers exploring ways to reconnect.  

This workshop will offer asana (poses), meditation and self inquiry (journaling and group work). The asana portion of the class will incorporate flow and restorative poses. It will increase your awareness and touch your heart. Bring a journal and pen and come as you are!

Elizabeth Levine MD, RYT 500, certified Baptiste Leader

Liz is an internist (physician for adults) and a yoga Teacher.  She has been practicing yoga and medicine for years and is currently a hospitalist at Northern Dutchess Hospital in Rhinebeck.  Always caring for others she noticed that she left herself behind. She began to question “Who am I when I am not in service to others?” Using the practice of yoga she learned that reconnecting with herself enables her to reach new heights in relationships and her work of service.  Liz’s classes are filled with movement, exploration, curiosity and self inquiry. Her hope is always that her students leave open and transformed.

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Mysore Goes to 5 Days a Week! Beginning Monday, July 8th.

Mysore, yoga, kingston, ny

From Mysore teacher Laura Olson:

Hey loyal ashtangis, have you heard the big news? We’re taking our program to the next level! You guys are so amazing, bringing the Bhakti (aka devotion) and sweat and laughter, and spreading the word so well, that we’re going full-on with Ashtanga in Kingston. Starting July 8th, we will have Mysore 5 days, Monday through Friday (taught by yours truly, Laura Olson) and one Led Primary class on Sundays (to keep you honest with the breathing and counting and navasana, everyone’s favorite—taught by the lovely Jacquelyn Nash), but will observe the new and full moons as holidays from Mysore style practice, in accordance with tradition. Want a discussion of moon days? Coming soon!

Meanwhile, Jacquelyn and I can’t wait to get going. We’ve been so excited to watch the program grow, and this just seemed like a natural evolution. We hope you’re excited too!

I also feel a little like I am jumping into the deep end with both feet. Ever feel that way? A little excited, a little scared (wait, is that a quote from Into the Woods? Everything is a musical to me). I remember when I first started practicing 6 days a week and really organizing my life and habits around the yoga, the ashtanga, the path. It felt momentous. And I also had some nerves. It felt so unknown. I feel a little this way now, too. Sharing the tradition in this community is undeniably wonderful and right. A perfect fit. But also, a big step! And so, in case you too feel this way, I share what my teacher shared with me at that time. Yes, you will have to change, you will have to give some things up. But they won’t be what you think! And it won’t be hard. It will be natural, automatic, like a blossoming and surrender. It isn’t a forced thing like will power. It’s more like a beautiful calling. A longing fulfilled.

I think I’ve said this before, but one of the beautiful things about creating community is that we are all in it together. I am here to lift you up (literally sometimes!) and you are there giving energy back to me. And each day is just a new chance to tune in and notice where you are in each moment. Each practice is a practice, not a performance. There’s no grade at the end!

So all you have to do is show up. Get on your mat. Make it happen. Whatever “it” is that day.

I think the cocoon of Ashtanga in Kingston is about to explode into a brilliant butterfly. Or maybe a flock of them. I can’t wait to see us all take flight.

All the love,


*NEW* Community Class – Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm at Uptown with our YTT trainees & graduates – Begins June 20th.

Join our current trainees and yoga teacher training graduates for an open-level flow every Thursday evening at Uptown. You’ll be taught by not one but two teachers — one acting as the lead teacher and one as the support person who is there to offer additional adjustments and general support.

We are so proud of this emerging group. They’ve been able to absorb so much over the last eight months, and we trust them fully to provide a mindful, fluid, informed flow for multiple levels of practitioner. Beginners welcome.