5 Year Anniversary Celebration Challenge!

The Yoga House’s

Anniversary Challenge:


YOGA House in Kingston, NY

This September, The Yoga House celebrates 5 years in the Kingston community!

What better way to celebrate a half a decade at The Yoga House than by entering a yoga challenge. A yoga challenge is not necessarily a “challenge” against anyone or even yourself. It’s more a of a commitment. It’s a commitment to your mental, physical, and emotional well-being and a kickstart to transitioning from yoga as something that you do to yoga as a way of living.

How does it work?

Buy a 2Kingston_YMCA_Farm_Project_Logo1 (2)-10 Class Challenge Card for $200 and attend any of our regularly scheduled classes 20 times throughout the month of September. $20 of your entry-fee will go to our local Kingston YMCA Farm Project. You can (easily) reach this goal by practicing 5 times a week during the month.*

*If you have a class card already, it will be put on hold for the month of September so that you can join the challenge without losing the membership you already paid for.

Prizes as follows:

Grand Prize – To the person or persons with the highest attendance: 1 Unlimited Monthly membership for the month of October plus a nifty TYH water bottle. *NEW* One hour-long deep tissue massage with Licenced Massage Therapist Michele Muller.

Prize for all successful completion – For anyone who reaches 20 classes in 30 days: 50% off a 10 Class Card.

20 Classes in 30 Days Yoga Challenge