6-Week Kids Yoga Series

This Kids Yoga session has been cancelled. Look out for future sessions, including two summer sessions beginning this June for kids and parents ages 2-4.

In this series children explore yoga through music and narrative. Julie uses the power of story to captivate children and to ease them into yoga in a playful, encouraging way. A day at the zoo, for instance, is the perfect way to learn Cobra Pose and Lion’s Breath. Or join her for an imaginary day of apple picking, safari, or space travel! Julie brings her guitar and sing-along songs for a music break and then finishes class with relaxation and visualization techniques, which introduce children to the power of self-guided healing and stress reduction.

Studies show that yoga improves focus, reduces anxiety, and increases self-esteem. It’s never too early to become a little yogi or yogini!

Sign your child up for six weeks, or drop in when you can. Mom or Dad is encouraged to stay for a session or two.


Julie Colton Kids Yoga The Yoga House Yoga Kingston, NY

Julie Colton

Music and the arts have engrossed Julie since the age of 10. With undergraduate degrees in Jazz Piano Performance and Music Composition, she found the perfect blend of art and spirituality when she started practicing yoga years ago. In the artistic beauty of the yoga asanas, symbolizing components of nature, and in the vibrational energy of music, Julie found in yoga a way to, as Joseph Campbell would say, “follow [her] bliss.”