July Focus of the Month — Community (Satsang)

Community of Yogis, Satsang

Focus of the Month: Community (Satsang)

The only thing better than seeking and finding one’s truth is seeking and finding one’s truth alongside others. Here at The Yoga House new friendships are forged and old friendships flourish every day. We have been witness to the buzz and bliss of freshly formed romantic relationships, to the mutual encouragement of longtime pals nudging each other toward health, and to the steady commitment of household partners choosing to make yoga an integral part of their families’ lives.

Our yoga practice is enhanced when we build in the accountability and reciprocal inspiration that come from practicing together. Yoga is not just for me or you. It’s how we build peace. It’s how we knit together a harmonious community one individual at a time. This month, consider yourself part of a satsang, a group of practitioners moving, together, toward Truth. See you on the mat!