Community Yoga – Every Sunday, $5

Our Community class runs every Sunday from 5:00-6:15pm.

It’s a chance for those of us with tight budgets to fit in some yoga. It’s also a chance to give back to the community since all proceeds go to the Family of Woodstock’s Children’s Inn Program.


craig milanoCraig Milano

In his practice, teachings, and in life, Jivamukti instructor Craig Milano tries to be as direct and straightforward as possible, searching for the most effective way of getting where he wants to go or needs to be. This search has led him to the practice and teaching of yoga, which he appreciates for its potential to help build awareness of body, mind, and of the world around and within us.

Much like Vinyasa yoga, Jivamukti offers a full and well rounded experience. You can expect from Craig’s class a fair amount of hands-on assists and a fair amount of rock ‘n’ roll playing for inspiration.

Parent/Child Yoga for Ages 2-4 – Coming this summer

Just a heads up!

kids yogaWe’ve gotten a lot of requests to host a Parent/Child Yoga session for children ages 2-4. We’re working on two summer sessions that’ll take place on Thursday afternoons from 3:30-4:30.

We’ve yet to pin down a start date, but we know that we’ll conduct them as a pre-registered series with the option to drop in or to do both sessions for a discount. If you’ve got specific needs or questions, get in touch with us! We’re still in the working-out-the-details phase, so we’re open to your input (please!).

The class will be taught by former schoolteacher Mel Toth who comes to us highly recommended and whose joyous energy and enthusiasm for all aspects of yoga is contagious.


Melanie Toth (Mel)

Mel’s yoga journey began in her living room over 13 years ago. An educator since 1998, Mel has taught 4th grade, co-authored a strategy book for teachers and served as a tutor and Director of Education for several NY learning centers. From her extensive background in education, Mel brings a solid understanding of how each student interprets information differently and may apply those misinterpretations to his or her body. As such, she strives to make her instruction clear and accessible for students of all levels of experience. Mel’s classes focus on the development of a solid foundation through the use of props, demonstration, description, and encouragement, while exploring basic principles of alignment, balance and relaxation. By encouraging her students to respect their physical limitations while exploring what is possible, Mel aims to help each individual learn how to serve the unique needs of their body. She is forever grateful to her first yoga teacher, Jill Gnassi, whose expert Iyengar instruction taught her how attending to small details could make a huge difference in her life, both on and off her mat.