7-Week iRest Yoga Nidra Series — Tuesday nights with Noelle Damon — Begins April 3rd

Integrative Restoration or iRest

7-Week Yoga Nidra Series

with Noelle Damon, LCSWR, DAAETS, RYT

Tuesdays, April 3rd – May 15th


$25 per class or $150 for the full series*

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What is iRest?

Based on ancient wisdom and practice, this series  has been proven to effectively support the healing process across a broad range of populations, including those with PTSD, chronic pain, sleep issues, high stress, depression, and anxiety.

  • This offering is a 7-week progressive course of practices for healing & wellness.
  • Skilled guidance into deep relaxation and meditation.
  • The peaceful release of tension, stress, & self-limiting negative beliefs.

*Preregistration and full attendance are recommended but not required. 


noelle damon, the yoga house, yoga, hudson valley, ny, kingstonNoelle Damon is a Holistic Psychotherapist, board certified Traumatologist, yoga teacher, and certified iRest teacher.

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